Announcing our renewed Umbraco Contributing Platinum Partner status

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As we celebrate exciting news that our Umbraco Contributing Platinum Partner status has been renewed for the fourth consecutive year, we reflect on a year of contributions to the CMS community

Today we received the exciting news that our Umbraco Contributing Platinum Partner status has been renewed for the fourth consecutive year. A Contributing Partner award is an acknowledgement of an ongoing and committed contribution to the Umbraco community.

It comes after a year packed with all kinds of involvement including talks, event attendance, and participation in ongoing work of the accessibility and sustainability community teams.
With the news of our continuing partnership, we wanted to take the opportunity to reflect on all the great stuff we’ve been up to.  
Community teams  

We've now got four Umbraco MVPs in our team, and several of us are actively involved with Umbraco’s Accessibility and Sustainability Community Teams. These contributions include attending community day team visits, events and talks, and working to improve the CMS for developers, contributors and users.  
Rick and I have been members of the Community Sustainability Team, launched in May of 2023 since its inception. Initiatives led by the team have included a sustainability best practice guide for developers and the introduction of the Umbraco Sustainability Challenge.   

Events and talks  

Elsewhere we’ve enjoyed engaging with several community events over the past year. Our team delivered talks at events including Codegarden, Umbraco Spark, DUUGFest, Umbraco UK Festival, UmbraCoffee, and we were also involved in the recent Sustainability Webinar.   

Members of our accessibility team were instrumental in the organisation and hosting of UMBRAAD around Global Accessibility Awareness Day  

Rachel and Matt from our dev team help organise Umbraco Manchester and Umbraco Leeds respectively. We've also often engaged this year with the wider Community Team meetups including the CodeCabin unconference. We also support and host other events such as local tech community meetup Macc Tech. While these meetups aren’t directly related to Umbraco, we frequently include talks about Umbraco in the agenda.   
We're incredibly proud to be recognised as a Contributing Platinum Partner for the fourth year running. This renewal motivates us to continue our involvement and collaborations with the Umbraco teams and continue to promote a vibrant, inclusive community. We're excited to see what we can achieve in the next year and beyond! 
If your organisation is looking for a CMS change or Umbraco upgrade in the local government, health, charity or culture & heritage sectors, we’d love to chat about how we can help. 
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